BREAKING: 3 ‘Teens’ Armed With an AK-47 Jump Fence at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Property


Police in Palm beach, Florida confirmed Wednesday that three “teens” were taken into custody after scaling the fence surrounding President Donald Trump’s property at the Mar-a-Lago Club around mignight on Friday July 31.

Local NBC affiliate WPTV reports that police confirmed the “teens” were seen loitering in a silver Hyundai automobile “parked in the 300 block of Middle Road.”

When police approached the vehicle, the occupants took off and fled.

The criminals, armed with a Mini Draco 7.62 caliber AK-47, led authorities on a pursuit that eventually found its way to the borders of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, which is currently closed for the summer.

The youths then promptly scared the fencing around the club, leaving the AK-47 in a backpack on top of a seawall, where it was later found by Mar-a-Lago employees.

The trespassers were unable to evade detection for long within the property, and were apprehended without being allowed to put up any resistance.

Police have charged the interlopers with resisting arrest, armed trespassing, and armed burglary. It is unknown if weapons charges related to the AK-47 will be pursued by local authorities.

One of the teens reportedly told police that the trio had “found” the semi-automatic rifle when asked why it was in their possession. The group also claimed they had no idea that they had trespassed on property belonging to Donald Trump.

A police spokesperson said the trespassers were “lucky” that the President was not residing in Mar-a-Lago at the time of the intrusion, as they may have been shot down by police or the Secret Service if he was.

President Trump has been the target of innumerable death threats since his inauguration in 2017, and police and Secret Service have thwarted the efforts of multiple individuals to enter his properties or campaign rallies armed with deadly weapons.