BREAKING: Anti-Trump Adam Kinzinger Announces Retirement From Congress In Video Advertising Democrat Super PAC


Anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger has announced his upcoming retirement from the U.S. House of Representatives in a new video in which he also declares the office was “just the beginning” of his political career and then advertises for a “Democratic/Liberal” political action committee.

In a new video released this morning, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois announced his intention to retire from Congress, and seemed to hint that he will declare himself a candidate for president in 2024.

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“My passion for this country has only grown, my desire to make a difference is bigger than it has ever been,” said Kinzinger. “The battlefield must be broader and the truth needs to reach the American people.” Kinzinger then proceeded to insult both major parties and their voters for a large part of the video, accusing Americans of “dehumanizing each other” and creating a “poisoned country filled with outrage” by electing bad leaders, ostensibly like his longtime opponent President Donald Trump.

“I cannot focus on both a re-election to Congress and a broader fight nationwide,” Kinzinger then declared. “I want to make it clear, this isn’t the end of my political future but just the beginning.”

He then noted that he stands “in awe” of the 9 other Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump after the January 6 protests. At this point, however, the video transitioned from announcing Kinzinger’s retirement and hinting at his potential political future to advertising for something called Country First.

“Now is the time for choosing,” said Kinzinger. “Now is the time to join our movement at Country First.” At this point the video becomes an advertisement for Kinzinger’s new website, Country First, which is paid for by Illinois-based “Democratic/Liberal” Future First Leadership PAC, a super PAC.

According to public records, Future First Leadership PAC began in the 2020 political cycle and raised and spent just shy of $250,000. It is listed as a “Democratic/Liberal” organization that has one address in Illinois and a second in Washington, D.C.

Interestingly, this PAC has apparently raised money exclusively from New Jersey organizations and causes tied to the Democrat Party and its agenda. The people funding Kinzinger’s new website received $185,000 in donations from Garden State Forward, a Democrat-allied New Jersey PAC that focused on Democrat causes during the 2018 election. America’s Future First PAC also received over $25,000 from other groups or individuals in New Jersey.