BREAKING: Colorado King Soopers Shooting Suspect Identified As Ahmad Al Issa


Last night a mass shooting occurred at the King Soopers shopping center in Boulder, Colorado. 10 people were killed, including a police officer. The suspect, who was wounded by police and arrested at the scene, has been identified as Ahmad Al Issa.

Officials claim that Al Issa lived “most of his life in the United States” and did not immediately identify a motive for the shooting. They did not reveal his country of origin. A witness told the Denver Post that Al Issa “didn’t say sh*t” before the violence started, and “He just came in and started shooting.”

Another witness told the media that Al Issa “let off a couple of shots, then was silent, and then he let off a couple more. He wasn’t spraying.”

Al Issa, who is 21-years-old, has been charged with 10 counts of murder, and was apprehended after being ordered to immediately surrender by Boulder police. After Al Issa refused to surrender, police reveal, an officer shot Al Issa in the leg and he was arrested. Police revealed yesterday that Al Issa was “significantly injured” during the arrest. No officers were injured during the arrest.

After the shooting, Al Issa was treated at a local hospital, and police believe he will be released then formally taken into custody later today.

Video of the arrest captured by local media shows several officers hovering around Al Issa during the arrest, prior to Al Issa being transported to the hospital.