BREAKING: CPAC Attendee Tests Positive for Coronavirus


A CPAC attendee has tested positive for coronavirus, and is currently under quarantine in New Jersey, the ACU said on Saturday.

In an email sent to everyone who attended, the American Conservative Union, who organises CPAC, said that one attendee “has unfortunately tested positive” for coronavirus, and that the exposure “occurred previous to the conference”:

A New Jersey hospital tested the person, and CDC confirmed the positive result.  The individual is under the care of medical professionals in the state of New Jersey, and has been quarantined. ACU has been in contact with the Health Department of the State of Maryland, and we will explicitly follow the guidance from government health experts. This attendee had no interaction with the President or the Vice President and never attended the events in the main hall. The health and safety of our attendees and participants is our top priority. Any attendee who has questions can contact ACU or the Department of Health for the State of Maryland. Our children, spouses, extended family, and friends attended CPAC.  During this time, we need to remain calm, listen to our health care professionals, and support each other. We send this message in that spirit. The Trump Administration is aware of the situation, and we will continue regular communication with all appropriate government officials.

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CPAC bills itself as the biggest gathering of conservatives on the planet, yet came under fire for allowing antifa-sympathetic journalists such as Jared Holt to attend while blocking conservatives such as Gavin McInnes and Enrique Tarrio from the conference.

National File held two events during CPAC, the Emergency First Amendment Summit on Wednesday, February 26, and the CPAC reception on Thursday, February 27. It is unknown if the person confirmed to have coronavirus was at either.

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It is unlikely that the identity of the infected person will be released.