BREAKING: Democrat Operatives Allegedly Identified As Individuals Photographed With Tiki Torches At Youngkin Event


A handful of Young Virginia Democrats are accused of dressing as the supposed “white supremacists” photographed holding Charlottesville-esque tiki torches at a campaign event for Glenn Youngkin in what may be the latest Democrat hate hoax.

After many skeptics questioned the sincerity of the group of “white supremacists” who paid a visit to a Glenn Youngkin campaign rally in Virginia to pose with tiki torches, Camden Layton, the Financial Director for the Young Virginia Democrats, has been identified by Internet sleuths as allegedly appearing at the event to help embattled Terry McAuliffe.

Internet sleuths continued to dive into the identity of those individuals photographed at the Republican campaign event and claim that Colleen Wachenfeld of the Young Virginia Democrats is also alleged to be the female individual depicted in the photos. In her Twitter bio, Wachenfeld says she formerly worked in Arizona on behalf of Sen. Mark Kelly, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris.

Layton and Wachenfeld appear to have put their social medias on private due to backlash from the alleged hate hoax.

When the group first surfaced, leftists and media figures online were quick to draw the comparison to the attire brandished by the Unite The Right protesters in Charlottesville, who have been vilified by the left over the years due to their clash with leftist groups in 2017.

However, it appears many of these accounts made posts in a coordinated effort. The accounts themselves are known partisan Democrats.

This comes as Youngkin’s poll numbers continue to climb the race for Governor of Virginia. According to reports, the Republican is leading McAuliffe by as high as 8 points.