BREAKING: ‘False Flag’ Trends On Twitter During DC Standoff


As was previously reported by National File,a man identified by media as Ray Roseberry, a North Carolina man who is currently threatening to detonate an explosive device outside the U.S. Library of Congress, went live on Facebook to discuss his motivations. While Facebook predictably deleted the video and Roseberry’s account, an excerpt of the live stream reveals that the man identified as Roseberry ranted about Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“False Flag” is now currently trending on Twitter.

Covfefe Coffee

It appears that people online believe that something else may be afoot as the DC standoff continues. As the situation unfolds, “False Flag” is trending on Twitter. “Pro tip: running false flag events when nobody trusts you and are wise to your previous hoaxes is not a good success strategy,” tweeted one user.

“What is happening in DC today I am willing to bet is a false flag operation. Only thing now is how they swing it. Big Gov “saves the day” and distracts us from the international issue that plagues this Admin. Or they kill off the guy & continue to blame all conservatives are bad,” tweeted another user.

“White guy terrorist threatening to blow up DC during the embarrassing Afghanistan mess………how convenient. False flag,” tweeted another Twitter user.

As National File reported, the full video of the scene was captured by Tru News. In the full video, the man claimed he learned how to create the bomb while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. “Send somebody to talk to me, Joe. You don’t want to shoot these windows out, I’m telling you, your boys over there on top of that roof. You don’t want to shoot these windows out, if you shoot these windows out, the revolution’s on even harder.”

This story is developing.