BREAKING: Florida Trump Ally Anthony Sabatini Announces Congressional Run


State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, the most conservative member of the Florida legislature and a staunch Trump ally, has announced his congressional run for the U.S. House.

Sabatini announced his congressional run in a video posted to social media on Friday morning. “The spineless and corrupt Republican establishment turned its back on President Trump, and refuses to fight for our America First agenda, and it’s time we fight back,” Sabatini said in his announcement video.

“As Florida’s most pro-Trump state legislator, no-one has fought harder for the America First agenda, and now it’s time to bring that fight to Congress,” he added, calling on conservatives to join him “as we fight to take our country back, and to make America First again.”


The 32-year-old state representative currently sits in the Florida House, and is widely known as the most conservative member of the whole legislature. In the most recent session, he has introduced a number of bills that are currently being considered, which if implemented would be huge wins for conservatives in the state.

In December, following the deplatforming of President Donald Trump from social media, Sabatini introduced Florida HB 33, known as the “Stop Social Media Censorship Act,” which would “allow for a state cause of action (lawsuit) against large social media companies that censor user’s content,” and would “stop Big Tech from eliminating the public square and choking out conservatives.”

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And last month, he filed HB 935, known as the Protecting Girls’s Sports Act, which bill amends two pieces of previous Florida law relating to discrimination against students, and eligibility of school sports, ensuring that “only students of the female sex are eligible to participate on athletic teams designed for girls only.” The bill also criminalizes the performance of any type of transgender surgery, including sex change surgery and hormone treatments, on minors.

Sabatini also introduced legislation to rename a Florida highway after President Trump. “We need true America First fighters to take our country back,” Sabatini said exclusively to National File. “I’ll be the worst nightmare for both Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt Never Trumper establishment.”

His announcement drew praise from many strong supporters of President Trump and the America First agenda. Former Trump administration member Catharine O’Neill described him as a “great candidate,” while conservative commentator Kaitlin Bennett said that “no one will fight harder for America” than Sabatini.