BREAKING: James Younger’s Father Jeff Will Have a Say in Son’s Healthcare Decisions


A Texas court ruled today that Jeff Younger will have the ability to make a joint decisions on his son Jeff’s health care decisions, together with the custodial guardian Anne Georgulas, who is seeking to transition the seven-year-old male child into a female.

Jude Kim Cooks caved to national scrutiny over the highly controversial decision.

Judge Cooks has been described by state-based media as not necessarily a good fit for her judgeship.

Even the Dallas Morning News has described Judge Cooks as “thin skinned” and “in over her head.”


Judge Kim Cooks had earlier put a gag order on Mr. Younger so that he was unable to speak with media about the case. She also decided the father is not liable to pay attorney fees.

Connie Sue, a witness in the courtroom, told National File about the judge’s move to silence the press.

“Only CBS, ABC and Dallas Morning news because of plastic cards were allowed in.,” Connie Sue said. “Any advocates for Jeff were not allowed in,” she said.

“The Judge refused to let me in and I have been here the entire time covering this case,” said Madeline Jacob from LifeSite news.  “Today they told me I had to have the official hard copy badge for their official court press pass, which I didn’t have,” Jacob said.

Texas Seven Year Old’s Forced Gender Transition May Not Have Stopped at Chemical Castration, Could Have Ended in Removal of Boy’s Reproductive Organs

“This case is about castrating a child. Anne has already started it for 7-year-old James. It is so shocking. The Jury heard that the mother would have the boy’s penis cut off, and even tho there was no testimony from the Boy that he wants that, the Jury said yes. That was okay, ” Connie, a court observer said.

The latest verdict came from  Kim Cooks, the same judge that severed Younger’s custody in the James Younger and Anne Georgulas custody battle, came Thursday under the watch of Texas Attorney General Abbot, and large scale public interest.

Earlier in the week, the Jury ruled nearly unanimously to allow Dr. Anne Georgulas to have sole custody of James Younger.  Georgulas plans to have James undergo chemical castration because she says that her 7-year-old child wants to be a girl because she claims that James suffers from Gender Dysphoria.

“James was never in court and never testified what he wanted.  We only heard from Transgender experts, who testified for Anne, ” said Kayla White, a friend of the Youngers who has been observing the court proceedings.

The process begins with Puberty blockers, and then according to court testimony, cutting off his penis, and removing his male genitalia.

“There are no abnormalities in his genitals, that was in the court testimony,” White said.

“It made me think of the NAZIS when I heard the testimony of the Mother having his penis cut off.  The Jury heard that, and still thought giving the child to Anne was ok. That testimony was from an email,” said Connie Sue, another friend and court observer told National File.

“We think Anne has already started the medical process of castration,” Kayla White told National File. “There have never been any blood tests of James.  Anne testified that she gives James Melatonin, Saffron and Tums.  There is speculation that she has been giving him hormone blockers already, but we have no proof,” she said.

Younger, the Father has been under a gag order. He is not allowed to speak to the press, however he was interviewed before the gag order.

“I’m looking out for the best interest of James, my son. When James is with me, he shows no signs of wanting to be a girl when given the choice. Even when in female company, away from me, James rejects a female gender expression,” Jeff Younger told Kayla White earlier during the court battle.

This suggests that the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria should be reviewed by an independent psychologist, according to Jeff.

James has never had an independent second opinion, according to the elder Younger. Medical and social intervention should be suspended until James’ father can get a good second opinion, per White.