BREAKING: ‘Joker’ Becomes Highest-Grossing R-Rated Film Of All Time


Warner Brothers’ ‘Joker’ officially became the most successful R-rated movie in world history on Friday, surpassing the $785 million record held by ‘Deadpool 2.’

The psychological thriller, which stars Joaquin Phoenix as the eponymous title character, has completely shattered critical expectations. The movie was reportedly shot on a $55 million budget, which is incredibly modest by modern blockbuster standards.

Total international receipts for ‘Joker’ are expected to peak at over $900 million by the time its theatrical run is over.

The success of ‘Joker’ comes despite being banned in Aurora, Colorado and being pilloried on Twitter by left-wing film critics and wine-swilling feminist “dog moms.”

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National File previously reported on the first records set by ‘Joker’ over its opening weekend:

“Joker” is a psychological thriller and character study of an emotionally damaged white male living in an unfeeling dystopia society – a type of film rarely seen in the age of woke capitalism.

Joaquin Phoenix’s compelling portrayal of the birth of Batman’s nemesis has brought moviegoers to the theaters in droves. The film is projected to pass $300 million in gross revenue by late Monday and has broken nine separate box office records.

The records set by Joker include biggest all-time October opening weekend ($96 million), Biggest October international opening weekend ($140.5 million), biggest IMAX opening milestone in October ($16.4 million), and widest October all-time release (4,374 theaters), amongst several others.

The film has also generated considerable buzz about possible awards show acclaim for Phoenix’s performance, with many viewing anything less than a win for Best Actor as a shameful example of society’s bias against the marginalized.

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