BREAKING: Man Threatening To Bomb D.C. Releases Video Ranting About Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal


The man identified by media as Ray Roseberry, a North Carolina man who is currently threatening to detonate an explosive device outside the U.S. Library of Congress, went live on Facebook to discuss his motivations. While Facebook predictably deleted the video and Roseberry’s account, an excerpt of the live stream reveals that the man identified as Roseberry ranted about Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In the video, the man offers a stream of conscious series of threats and remarks directed at Joe Biden. “It’s on you, Joe. I’m ready to die for the cause. And brother, you said, if you could do anything to save one life, one life, you said you’d do it. Well you’ve got a chance, I want to go home some day. I want to go home and see my wife. We’re living in a free country Joe, choice is yours, if you want to shoot me, and take the chance of blowing up two and a half city blocks, because that tool box full, ammonium nitrate, that’s full.”

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The man then began ranting about Afghanistan, suggesting his bomb threat was motivated by Biden’s withdrawal. “I don’t want to die Joe, I want to go home, just like the people in Afghanistan want to go home,” the man ranted. “Them people’s lives are on your hands, all them dead people’s on your hands. Afghanistan I’m standing for you strong, because the motherfuckers should have bombed their asses and made sure you was alright before they left.” He also claimed he does not have a detonator, but his vehicle is rigged to explode if he dies or if the windows of his truck are broken.

The full video was captured by Tru News. In the full video, the man claimed he learned how to create the bomb while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. “Send somebody to talk to me, Joe. You don’t want to shoot these windows out, I’m telling you, your boys over there on top of that roof. You don’t want to shoot these windows out, if you shoot these windows out, the revolution’s on even harder.”

“I don’t want to die. I didn’t want to come, but I had to. American people sent me. I love this world, all I want to do is set this bomb down, and go home. They told me how to deactivate it, Joe. That little blue light right there,” he said, “You’re taking it too far. It’s time to take a stand, Joe, and I love you man, I love Nancy, I love everybody, I said hell, if I run over a cat I gotta turn around and go back, get off the road.” The man continued ranting, “Joe, you just don’t know.”

“I promised my God I would not hurt nobody, I promised my wife I would not hurt nobody, I would not kill myself. I’m gonna keep that promise, Joe. The American people’s watching, and they coming.” The man repeatedly claimed four more bombs were placed throughout Washington, D.C. and claimed one may be near the White House.

The man then appeared to suggest refugees should be admitted to the United States. “Let them come! Black, white, lesbian, gay, LGBT, it don’t matter, we’re Americans. This is our land, Joe, you can’t tell us what to do.” The man also revealed he is surrounded by American coinage. “I got your coins, I got them, all over the place. Nickel’s hard.”

Multiple videos show the standoff between the man and police.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated as more information becomes available.