BREAKING: Philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, Giant of English Conservatism, Dies at 75


Sir Roger Scruton, the English conservative philosopher, has passed away after a months-long battle with cancer at the age of 75.

Sir Roger Scruton’s family announced his passing with a statement on his website:

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Sir Roger Scruton, FBA, FRSL. Beloved husband of Sophie, adored father to Sam and Lucy and treasured brother of Elizabeth and Andrea, he died peacefully on Sunday 12th January. He was born on 27th February 1944 and had been fighting cancer for the last 6 months. His family are hugely proud of him and of all his achievements.

Tributes flooded in almost instantly to Sir Roger on social media:

Even some on the political left were saddened by his passing:

Others, however, were quick to post vile messages celebrating Scruton’s death:

Scruton had faced a difficult 2019. In April, he was subject to a vicious hit piece by the leftist magazine, the New Statesman, where their deputy editor George Eaton took a number of quotations from an interview with him out of context.

Sir Roger was slandered as being an Islamophobe, anti-semite, and overall bigot, despite the complete lack of evidence.

He was sacked from his position on the Conservative government’s housing program, designed to build more beautiful dwellings, and decried in Parliament and in the media, before the tapes of the interview was released and the truth was outed.

Unfortunately, the damage was already done.

With his passing, many were reminded of the article he wrote for the Spectator last Christmas, summing up his year:

During this year much was taken from me — my reputation, my standing as a public intellectual, my position in the Conservative movement, my peace of mind, my health. But much more was given back: by Douglas Murray’s generous defence, by the friends who rallied behind him, by the rheumatologist who saved my life and by the doctor to whose care I am now entrusted. Falling to the bottom in my own country, I have been raised to the top elsewhere, and looking back over the sequence of events I can only be glad that I have lived long enough to see this happen. Coming close to death you begin to know what life means, and what it means is gratitude.