BREAKING: President Trump Called Roger Stone, Informed Him His Sentence Is Commuted


President Donald Trump reportedly called Roger Stone on Friday evening, informing Stone that his prison sentence has been commuted, and he will serve no time in prison after being convicted for lying to Congress.

Stone was scheduled to report to prison on Tuesday after he was convicted. Earlier this year, his sentencing guidelines were revised after the judge in his case suggested over a decade in prison.

On Friday afternoon, Stone revealed to confidants that he received a phone call from President Trump informing him of the president’s decision to commute his sentence. The White House later confirmed that Stone’s sentence had been commuted.

Speaking to the media, Stone said “The president told me he thought my trial has been unfair,” and revealed that he was celebrating with champagne.

“Congratulations to my friend Roger Stone for getting his sentence commuted by the President,” wrote National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley.

“BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump Just commuted #RogerStone’s sentence,” wrote John Cardillo. “En route to #RogerStone’s house for celebratory drinks. Justice was done by @realDonaldTrump tonight.”

One America News Network’s Emerald Robinson wrote, “Sources tell me that President Trump has just called Roger Stone to let him know that Stone’s sentence will be commuted & he will be spared from serving time in prison.”

Bernard B. Kerik added, “BREAKING!!!!! Roger Stone’s prison sentence has been commuted by President @realDonaldTrump.”

Rumors began swirling early this week that Stone would be pardoned or have his sentence commuted, with two sources telling National File that Stone would be pardoned.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated as more information becomes available.