BREAKING: Putin Says Meeting Had ‘No Hostility’ Despite Leftists Hoping Biden Would Intimidate Russian President


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the meeting with his American counterpart featured “no hostility” even as American pundits on Twitter predicted Joe Biden would strike fear into the Russian leader.

“There’s been no hostility, on the contrary, our meeting took place in a constructive spirit, indeed, we have arrived at assessments on a number of issues, but both sides expressed their intention to understand each other and seek common ground. Talks were quite constructive,” said Putin to the press after the meeting. Putin added, “The talks were very constructive. Personally, I was convinced that President Biden was an experienced person. We spoke for more than two hours. It doesn’t happen with all leaders that you have such a detailed conversation.

This may come as a disappointment to many on the American political left, who were predicting that Putin would walk away from the meeting with Biden shaken, having been intimidated by the 78-year-old American president.

Before the remarks, one left wing Twitter user posted an out of context image of Biden and Putin, and wrote, “Joe Biden is enjoying every moment making Putin go through some things.”

Scott Dworkin, a former member of the Obama administration who now apparently runs a Democrat super PAC, posted an image and claimed that the 78-year-old, with a look of agony on his face, made the Russian president look “weak.”

Many pundits believe Putin roundly embarrassed the United States by referring to the execution of Ashley Babbitt on January 6, and the Black Lives Matter protests that rocked most American cities in 2020.