BREAKING: Sen. Roger Marshall Reveals Plan To Block Government Funding Bill If Biden Does Not Retract Vaccine Mandate


Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) announced on Wednesday that he was joining 40 Republican senators in an official move to formally disapprove and nullify President Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employees Wednesday under the Congressional Review Act, which is the official process for Congress to eliminate an executive branch rule.

“I hope was President Biden was listening to the people in the state of Virginia yesterday, in a state that he won by double digits, a Democrat governor lost,” said Marshall, a medical doctor. “I think the Virginia people were telling the President we still value our freedoms, our individual liberties.”

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“I hope the president heard loud and clear to never get between a mama bear and her cubs,” the Republican from Kansas continued. “And whether the issue is guardrails for our school curriculum or the issues is a vaccine for our children, or maybe making that choice between a jab or a job for those children’s parents, that the President is listing – that we still value our individual liberties.”

“I want the people of Kansas, I want Congress, I want the President to know that we are going to use every tool in our toolbox, every arrow in our quiver to stop Joe Biden’s unlawful vaccine mandate,” said Marshall.

“Including, if we have to, stopping cloture on the CR to fund the government unless they take out this language which harms hard-working Americans.”

The motion was spearheaded by Sen. Mike Braun, and follows the humiliating repudiation of Biden’s unpopular agenda showcased in the Virginia governor’s race on Wednesday night, where progressive anti-parent candidate Terry McAuliffe lost in spectacular fashion to moderate GOP opponent Glenn Youngkin.

Republicans dominated the state of Virginia politically, taking all statewide offices and the Virginia House of Delegates. The Republican Party also picked up key positions across the United States.