BREAKING: Taliban Says They Won’t Kill Military Dogs Abandoned By Biden, Dogs Will Fight For Islamic Emirate Instead


In a stunning twist, a reporter reveals that the Taliban does not plan to execute the American military dogs abandoned in Afghanistan during Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from the country, presenting a silver lining to many who assumed the Islamic group would kill them. Instead, according to a reporter in Afghanistan, the dogs will fight for the Taliban’s new country called the Islamic Emirate.

According to Russia Today reporter Murad Gazdiev, “The Taliban’a commander of Kabul airport tells us US troops let their service dogs free as they evacuated.” Gazdiev adds, “The dogs are being rounded up, and the Taliban plans to, in an ironic twist, put them back into service for the Islamic Emirate.”

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In a video, Gazdiev explains, “Here are the dog crates that have caused such a stir online about the abandoned dogs left behind by the United States Military. Well, the dogs were left behind. They weren’t all evacuated. But they weren’t in the crates when the Taliban arrived, they’re still running around the perimeter of the airport, and the Taliban, the Taliban has contacted animal control, dog control, to catch them, and no they say, they haven’t sentenced them to death.”

Publicly, the Taliban says “It is not true” that the dogs were killed. “Yeah, the Americans left the dogs to get out from their specific places, but our teams and our officials called, in charge of the dogs, today they came to the airport they came to the airport and they’re trying to collect the dogs and facilitate them and what they need to get them,” said a Taliban spokesperson earlier today.

“They are alive, and from the beginning, when we come to the front line, front door of the airport, we were in touch with the, uh, in charge of the dog, and they are working, they are feeding the dog, I think there is no problem.”

Last night, as it became apparent that Biden abandoned the canines in the war torn country, animal rights groups expressed shock and worried that the new Muslim government would execute them en masse. It now appears this concern was without merit, as the Taliban seems to view the abandoned dogs in the same light as the abandoned military equipment Biden left for them: A tool to fight back against Western powers.