BREAKING: Taliban Takes Control Of ‘Parts’ Of Kabul Airport, United States Reportedly Withdraws Troops Early


News agencies are reporting that the Taliban has taken control over parts of the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan ahead of the planned final departure of U.S. troops on August 31. Video shows the Taliban has expanded their security line, and is refusing to let most people through the checkpoint after yesterday’s suicide bombing claimed the lives of 13 Americans, two British nationals, and an unconfirmed number of Afghan civilians. Additionally, it is being reported that the United States has withdrawn from the airport entirely.

Moment ago, Agence France-Presse reported that the “Taliban have taken control of parts of Kabul airport” per a Taliban spokesperson, and confirmed that two citizens of the United Kingdom are among those who were killed in yesterday’s suicide bombing attributed to ISIS. Earlier today, videos surfaced that appear to show the Taliban’s strengthening security perimeter around the airport.

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Americans were instructed by the Biden regime to make their way through Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to the airport to be evacuated, and yesterday Joe Biden admitted that his regime gave a list of names to the Taliban with instructions to help those people get to the airport. Many suggested this list of names will be a “kill list” of targets for the Taliban to execute once Americans leave the country on August 31.

Moments after it was reported that the Taliban took control over parts of the airport, reporter Manish Shukla, who covers foreign policy for an Zee News, an Indian newspaper, claimed that Americans have completely left the airport ahead of the planned August 31 pullout date. “The Kabul Airport completely evacuated,” wrote Shukla. “USA troops left the Kabul military airport. #Taliban 313 Badri Special Forces unit entering the military section of the #KabulAirport.”

Earlier today, Shukla reported that the Taliban assumed control over the civilian portion of the airport, and that American soldiers only remained in the military area. (READ MORE: President Donald Trump Releases Message To America In Response To Afghanistan Disaster)

Joe Biden has been roundly criticized for abandoning President Trump’s plan to withdraw from Afghanistan by May of this year, and was faced with calls for his impeachment or resignation yesterday after 13 American soldiers died, likely due to his mismanagement of the withdrawal.