BREAKING: Trump Exposes Liberal CBS Journalist For Not Wearing A Mask In White House


President Donald Trump exposed CBS journalist Leslie Stahl for not wearing a face mask after she showed up to the White House to interview him, and teased the reveal of even more information with the cryptic message, “Much more to come.”

The President abruptly ended an interview with 60 Minutes’ Stahl after roughly 45 minutes, telling the CBS crew that they had more than enough material to use. According to CNN, Trump also refused to show up for another slated interview appearance on 60 Minutes with Mike Pence.

After ending the interview, Trump took to Twitter to post a video of an unmasked Stahl interacting with multiple people in masks, accompanied by the message, “Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me. Much more to come.”

President Trump’s criticism of the media has grown increasingly more potent in recent weeks. On Monday, the President told a reporter “Biden is a criminal, and you’re a criminal for not reporting it.”

Via National File:

The remarks were made on the tarmac next to Marine One and Air Force One. A masked reporter leaned in and yelled at Trump, “Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a criminal, why is that?”

“He is a criminal, he’s a criminal, he got caught, read his laptop, and you know who’s a criminal, you’re a criminal for not reporting it. You are a criminal for not reporting it,” President Trump shot back, pointing a finger at the journalist.

The President continued, “Let me tell you something, Joe Biden is a criminal and he’s been a criminal for a long time, and you’re a criminal – and the media – for not reporting on it. good luck everybody, have a great time.”

The President also called the cable channel CNN “dumb bastards” for its COVID coverage during a speech given later the same day.