BREAKING: Trump’s Blog ‘From the Desk of Donald Trump’ PERMANENTLY Shuttered, Was Just ‘Auxiliary’


45th President Donald Trump’s blog, From the Desk of Donald Trump, was permanently removed from his website today, and his spokesman confirmed that it will not be returning, instead claiming it was just an “auxiliary” part of the 45th President’s efforts to reach the public after being unpersoned by all social media and refusing to join Parler or Gab.

Jason Miller, the longtime advisor to President Trump who frequently speaks to the media on his behalf, told the mainstream media that “will not be returning,” and claimed that “It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” and not key to the President’s messaging or public outreach.

President Trump’s blog was launched less than one month ago on May 4, 2021, and featured identical statements from President Trump to those emailed to supporters and members of the media. The website was emblazoned with donation links and buttons that would allow users to quickly share President Trump’s statements on Facebook and Twitter.

As National File reported, the blog was also riddled with trackers for big tech websites, allowing those websites to gain valuable marketing information from users who visited the 45th President’s blog:

Gab CEO Andrew Torba was among the first to uncover the tracking pixels embedded in the new blog that Trump launched on Tuesday called “From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump.”

Despite the fact that the new blog has zero user-oriented features aside from allowing Trump to post his email messages from the Save America 45 PAC directly to the site, the blog features many prominent donation buttons that encourage supporters to donate up to $5,000, including a $250 button that is prominently animated and jumps around the screen.

“Why Trump’s people, specifically Brad Parscale, who built this platform, would allow Facebook and Google tracking pixels on this blog, is really beyond me,” Andrew Torba said in a video message explaining why Trump is still not on Gab. “It’s kind of ironic when you think about it, being that Facebook upholds this ban of Trump from Facebook and Instagram, and he has Facebook on his own website, allowing them to track his supporters as they come to read his messages on this website.”

Torba responded to news of the blog’s deletion this morning in a Gab post. “What an absolute mess,” wrote Torba. “The grifters around the President are utterly incompetent and all need to be fired.”