BREAKING: Twitter ADMITS Suspending ICAN in ‘Error’, Restores Their Account After National File Reports


Twitter has restored the account of ICAN after suspending them twice within 24 hours over their publicisation of Anthony Fauci’s emails following National File’s reports.

The Informed Consent Action Network, an organization dedicated to increasing informed consent regarding vaccinations, was locked out of their Twitter account twice in 24 hours after they publicized that they had acquired 2,957 emails sent from Anthony Fauci between February and May of last year. As National File reported:

The Big Tech platform locked ICAN out of their account due to alleged violations of their misinformation policy regarding COVID-19, despite the fact that their tweet seemingly did not break any of the rules under that specific regulation. Speaking exclusively to National File, Del Bigtree, the founder of ICAN, said it was “ironic” that Twitter shut down their account, given the emails that were to be published were obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, a piece of legislation designed to allow the public access to otherwise hidden government information…

After serving their initial 12 hour suspension, ICAN published their treasure trove of emails from Fauci to their site, which while overlapping with some of the initial dump provided by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post, also included new information that had not been previously released. However, after promoting the newly released documents, ICAN was shut down again by Twitter. Bigtree said that this has now gone from “ridiculous to insane.”

National File enquired to Twitter regarding both temporary suspensions, and after our inquiries on Friday evening, only a few hours after the second suspension was enforced, a Twitter spokesperson told National File that the “enforcement action” that they took on ICAN was “in error,” and that they had reversed their actions “and the Tweets and account functionality has been restored.” Both tweets taken down by the Big Tech platform are included below.

“At a certain point, I’m glad that it’s been worked out, I’m glad that they’ve done what’s correct, but when the kneejerk reaction is to censor simply a factual statement which is emails are going to be forthcoming, it really makes you have to question what type of infrastructure is Twitter working with,” said ICAN founder Del Bigtree to National File. “How does that mistake get made, and how does it get made twice?”

National File has reported extensively on the contents of Fauci’s emails from the initial document dump. One email chain from February of 2020 show that Fauci was not concerned with the new variant of COVID-19, and believed that it would be only as mild as the previous swine flu pandemic from 2009. In another email from the same month, Fauci said that “most transmissions” of virus “occur from someone who is symptomatic” and “not asymptomatic.” However, Fauci publicly touted the idea that asymptomatic spread is “not rare” but in fact common, as the medical experts spread fear about the virus.

Yet another email exchange from Fauci shows him promising to pressure then-President Trump to intimidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into closing gyms, bars and beaches. Fauci and another physician raged at citizens exercising their individual liberty, with Fauci saying that he screamed during television interviews “2 to 5 times per night” when he saw young people having fun.