BREAKING VIDEO: Car Smashes Into Trump Plaza


On Tuesday night, a black Mercedes crashed into Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York.

According to Tony Aiello, the employees of Trump Plaza on the scene of the incident reported that after the car plowed int the lobby, the driver reportedly exited the car and sat on a couch. Reports say he sat down and did not speak.

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The car has been removed from the lobby, and towed.

There were life no known threatening injuries sustained, yet there were several injuries. The severity of these injuries is not entirely clear at this time.

Emergency responders are on the scene keeping order among passersby as well as those residing in Trump Plaza, and tending to the individuals who sustained injuries.

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There is no certainty as to the cause of this incident. It is unclear whether this was an act of aggression against Trump Plaza, possibly directed at President Donald Trump, or the result of a bad car accident.

Local authorities are conducting investigations in order to establish how this came to happen.

This is a breaking story, and National File will continue to provide updates as they become available.