BREAKING: YAF’s Ties to White Supremacists Surface After They Sever Ties With Michelle Malkin


Young America’s Foundation recently severed ties with Michelle Malkin after she defended America First conservatives who have been accused of racism, despite the fact that their former Executive Director and recent board member held the title of Vice President for Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute.

After YAF severed ties with Michelle Malkin because she defended America First conservatives including Nicholas J. Fuentes, Peter Brimelow and others in a recent speech, YAF severed ties with her amid claims that Malkin defended a white supremacist and “holocaust denier.”

Prompted by this website’s previous reporting, a source provided National File with extensive documentation proving the organization has been deeply affiliated with white supremacists through its former board member, James B. Taylor.

Taylor ran a political action committee that donated heavily to YAF, and perhaps due to his monetary involvement, Taylor was Executive Director of YAF at one point.

Apparently after leaving his position as Executive Director, Taylor then stayed with YAF as a board member, and was listed as such on the YAF website as recently as 2017.

Taylor has worked extensively with openly white supremacist organizations, particularly the NPI, now run by Spencer.

Spencer calls himself the leader of the “alt-right” and reportedly advocates for the United States to be turned into an ethnostate made exclusively for white people, excluding all minorities and Jews from living in the country.

Early this month, leaked audio was published by Milo Yiannopoulos showing Spencer scream anti-Jewish and anti-African American slurs in the aftermath of his event in Charlottesville, Virginia. In the audio, Spencer angrily yells that minorities are created to be ruled by people like him, and pledges to “f**king destroy” the city.

According to media reports and documents provided to National File, Taylor was Vice President of NPI for years, in the same time frame he held positions with YAF. Taylor also defended his involvement with NPI to Pennsylvania newspaper, the Chambersburg Public Opinion.

It is unknown when Taylor stepped down or was removed from his position at NPI, but he held his board position at YAF as recently as 2017.

Additionally, during these years CPAC and the ACU were deeply involved with YAF, suggesting the organizations were likely aware of Taylor’s position and did nothing.

These connections to NPI surface as YAF severs ties with Malkin for simply refusing to disavow prominent conservatives who have strayed from the Republican Party’s most orthodox funders and icons.

Part of the wider context behind YAF’s decision to sever ties with Malkin is the “Groyper war” between supporters of Fuentes and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk. This has resulted in several events in which Kirk receives uncomfortable questions from the audience, and has ultimately led to Kirk ending Q&A sessions and being booed off stages.