BREAKING: YouTube BANS Nick Fuentes After ‘Concerted Effort’ by Conservative Inc, Leftists, to Deplatform Him


Nick Fuentes, the host of America First, has been banned from YouTube for apparently violating their policy on hate speech.

Fuentes’s channel is now completely blank, with a message on it reading that the account was terminated “due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

Fuentes has come under attack from all sides of the political spectrum for daring to speak out against mainstream conservatism and criticise mass migration. Leftists, mainstream conservatives and racial nationalists all despise him, and many have tried to get him removed from the site in the past, as they seemingly all consider him a threat.

In December, the host of CBS’s flagship 60 Minutes program, Lesley Stahl quizzed Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, as to why she hadn’t removed Fuentes and other conservative commentators for hate speech. At the time, Wojcicki said the platform wouldn’t remove those creators, as there were no laws on the books in America that would order them to do so.

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Only last night, Fuentes was targeted by the white nationalist Jean-Francois Gariepy, who said he would happily work together with antifa in order to get him kicked off of YouTube:

His channel, which had 76,00 subscribers before the ban, was demonetised last month, following YouTube’s implementation of their hate speech rules back in June of last year. “It’s the beginning of the end for me on YouTube,” Fuentes predicted at the time.

When the news broke that Fuentes had been kicked off of YouTube, leftists and others were absolutely overjoyed:

However, others came out to support Fuentes, including Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari, Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars, and Michelle Malkin, author of Open Borders Inc.:

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Fuentes tweeted that his suspension was “the end result of a concerted effort by leftists, conservative inc gatekeepers, and silicon valley censors to silence my show and the movement it has inspired,” adding that he would continue his show on DLive, and announce next week a “longer term home” for his show:

Ben Shapiro, the neo-conservative commentator, who attacked Fuentes during a 45 minute speech at Stanford University, and who ran away from him when questioned, said that Fuentes was “an absolute disgusting s***show,” but didn’t support his deplatforming:

This went down like a cup of cold sick on Twitter:

National File has reached out to YouTube for comment, but they did not respond before publication.