Britain’s First Trans Couple’s Child, 5, Also Beginning Transition


The five-year-old child of Britain’s first trans couple will also begin their gender transition, it has been revealed.

The two-generational transgender couple has made the press in the past for boasting the claim of being the country’s first transgender couple.

Jody, 21, and Greg Rogers, 27, from Glasgow have revealed that their five-year-old son, Jayden, is transitioning into a girl.

Jody and Greg have admitted that they have been subject to a torrent of abuse following the announcement of their child’s transition.

Jody and Greg have even claimed to have been reported to social services.

The couple has also claimed to have been shunned by the community following the announcement.

The couple said that their son had begun dressing like a girl and wearing nail paint a little over a year ago

Jayden is “adamant she is a girl” and loves dressing up as Princess Anna from the Disney film, Frozen, according to Heart.

Greg has come out and defended claims that the couple have been ‘encouraging’ Jayden in his transition to become a girl.

Speaking to The Daily Record he said: “We’ve had people saying we’re using Jayden for attention and that she just wants to be a girl because I changed sex.”

“It’s ridiculous. Jayden knows nothing about my past. She just knows me as dad.”

Greg went onto say: “They say it’s cruel we let her wear a dress but is it not more cruel to do nothing when you’ve got a kid who’s so adamant she’s a girl she’s ripping her hair off and banging her head off the walls?”

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The Daily Record adds that Jayden’s friends and teachers have accepted the transition.

Britain has currently been overwhelmed by demand for gender dysphoria treatment in children–to the point where the NHS’ child gender reassignment center has begun offering Skype medical appointments to deal with the overwhelming demand in the past few years.

National File recently reported on Britain’s youngest trans patient, who was merely three years old when he began identifying as female. The boy and his mother are currently facilitating his transition with assistance from Mermaids Charity.