British Library to Host THREE Drag Queen Story Times in One Day


The British Library will be hosting three Drag Queen Story Times in a single day during it’s “Young Rebels” family day.

The move, which has already attracted negative attention on social media, was announced on their website for an event described to “Celebrate the world of young rebels from children’s literature at this fun-filled family day.”

On The British Library’s website:

Celebrate young rebels from children’s literature at this fun-filled family day. Inspired by our exhibition, Marvellous and Mischievous: Literature’s Young Rebels, and to mark the launch of our fantastic new website, Discovering Children’s Books, you’ll be able to explore the wonderful worlds and wild adventures of our favourite rule-breakers, through creative activities, immersive storytelling and inspiring encounters.

A tweeter asked “what is going on? How is this appropriate?” to the revelation of the events on a family day.

Among other fun-filled activities directed at children, such as puppets, sculptures, and collages, three Drag Queen Story Times were scheduled at 12.00, 13.00 and 15.00 on February 21.

The event, on the website, has been listed as being “suitable for all ages.”

The tweeter, who brought the event to the attention of other social media users, said: “they aim to ‘capture the gender fluidity of childhood.’

“Read them Pippi Longstockings. They don’t need a bloke with his balls falling out of his mimiskirt to read to them.”

The tweeter continued on the thread: “This is over-sexualised and misogynistic. It’s not suitable for young children, grown men suggesting young impressionable innocent children may be in the wrong body. This is not entertainment it is grooming.”

The trend of Drag Queen Story Time has grown in the UK.

This event at The British Library is one of several Drag Queen Story Times to have been reported to occur in London in the month of February.

Yesterday, National File reported on Newham council advertising an event marketed to under 5’s as well as three other events taking place in the capital city.