British Muslims Host First Ever Pride Event


The UK’s diverse population and progressive ideals haven’t always gelled at the best of times.

Plenty of stories emerging from the cold, windy North Atlantic isles, exposing a culture shock between a waning Western World and vibrant decolonized world, highlight various inconsistencies between progressive thought and their multicultural ideal.

On a regular basis, headlines containing behaviors, customs, and practices alien to the West can be read in a wide range of British newspapers.

Recently, the UK education system attempted to incorporate LGBT elements into their curriculum as part of the national Equality Act. This was met with staunch resistance by more traditionally-minded groups–Muslims.

Homosexuality and Islam haven’t exactly had the stablest past–which could be considered, by some, as an understatement.

However, in some respects, assimilation to Western Values has been quicker than expected.

LGBT charity, Imaan, which has assisted LGBT Muslims for twenty years will celebrate their work with a pride festival for Muslims.

The event intends to act as a bridge between historically conflicting Muslim and LGBT identities.

According to Metro, lesbian campaigner, Anjum Mauj:

‘The current political climate, together with Brexit, migrant crisis, Boris, and Trump has emboldened Islamophobes too.

‘As LGBTQI Muslims we are caught in the middle.

‘On the occasion of our 20th anniversary it’s a very apt time to celebrate with a LGBTQI Muslim festival and celebrate our unique identities and bring some joy into the world.’ Anjum, who is a trustee at Imaan, said it’s absolutely vital to have an LGTBQI voice for Muslims.

She said: ‘We have thousands of members at Imaan and many of them are not able to come out.

‘When I was growing, we were just not having conversations about sex and relationships.’

In 2015, right-wing activists planned a pride parade through a predominantly Muslim part of Sweden.

Earlier this year, a ‘straight pride’ parade in Boston caused much controversy and negative press from the mainstream media.