BUSTED: Liberal Lady Praised Tucker For Always Being ‘Polite,’ Her Story Falls Apart


The liberal lady who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit frivolously and absurdly naming Fox News hero Tucker Carlson previously said that Carlson was always polite to her. Her story is now falling apart as facts come to light that contradict her claim. Fox News is defending Carlson 100 percent against what they characterize as a false claim. Former liberal Tucker Carlson Tonight guest Cathy Areu claims that she was somehow harassed because Carlson put on a leather jacket in front of her on the set after their segment as he headed to an office Christmas party. But she did not seem so traumatized before.

Areu seems to have a fixation with Carlson.

Areu’s claim that Carlson told her he was staying in a hotel without his wife the night of the Christmas party is also reportedly false. According to the Spectator:

A lawyer for Eckhart and Areu admitted to The Spectator that errors were made in the filing, and The Spectator has learned that Carlson’s wife was with him the evening Areu claims that he told her he would be alone.

Areu, who claims that she was sexually harassed by Carlson, says that her last appearance on Carlson’s program in 2018 was prior to ‘the annual Christmas party’, which has been reported by other outlets as referring to the network’s party. According to Areu, ‘the show was filmed live in New York City and Mr Carlson was in New York City at the studio.’

Fox News’s 2018 Christmas party took place on December 10, 2018, according to social media posts from multiple FNC employees.