CALIFORNIA: On Campus Abortions Must Be Available to Students According to Proposed Bill


Governor of California, Gavin Newsom is behind the proposition of this bill that will be implemented given the bill passes, and funds can be allocated through funds either private or federal into a Reproductive Health Preparation Fund.

The fund itself would be instituted with the passing of bill 2A.

“The bill would require, on and after January 1, 2023, each student health care services clinic on a California State University or University of California campus to offer abortion by medication techniques, as specified. The bill would require the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to administer the College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund, which the bill would establish.”

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It continues to say, “The bill would continuously appropriate the moneys in that fund to the commission for allocations to each public university student health care services clinic for specified activities in preparation for providing abortion by medication techniques, thereby making an appropriation. The bill would provide that its requirements would be implemented only if, and to the extent that, a total of at least $10,290,000 in private moneys is made available to the fund in a timely manner on or after January 1, 2020.”

It is unclear how there are so many “private” donors willing to hand over millions of dollars to secure the right of College students to be able to obtain abortion procedures that are proven to have far more health risks and complications than a doctor administered abortion.

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What is also unclear is the necessity to have such a bill in a state where on average it takes about 40 minutes of travel on public transportation to get to a proper facility.

In a 2017 report made available by Vice New, they report that the two trips are too much to ask of someone who wants to get an abortion procedure.

Many would agree that this is an over-exaggeration of the actual effort this would take for the average female not even 10 weeks into a pregnancy, and ultimately puts the reproductive health of young women at risk if the continuously use the abortion pill as a form of birth control. Over use of the abortion pill is known to cause infertility in women long term.