California: Public Schools Can’t Suspend Disobedient Students As It’s Racist


As part of new laws to be introduced in 2020 to the State of California, from the beginning of the next school year, it will be illegal for public schools to suspend pupils for willfully defying teachers or administrators.

The laws will be rolled out for grades one through five, next year.

From 2021-2025, grades six through eight will be temporarily included.

According to KRON4, the new law was inspired due to students of color being disproportionately suspended for willfully defying staff.

As a result, suspension will not be a viable punishment for students found guilty of disobeying public school staff.

Whether or not banning suspensions for disobedient students will end racism, the State of California will also ban early starts to classes.

From the following academic year, high schools cannot start earlier than 8.30 a.m., while middle schools must not commence before 8.00 a.m.

State legislative analysts have warned that the new laws may cost millions of dollars to implement.

The use of mobile phones will also be severely restricted and banned across Californian public schools.

Smartphones could be banned with the exception of extreme circumstances, such as medical problems, across certain school boards.

Activists have claimed that smartphone use lowers academic performance and can be attributed to short attention spans.

California schools have led the way in blazing the trail for new social experiments and curricula, including politicized themes into the teaching material.

Earlier this year, a biological boy identifying as ‘gender neutral’ was crowned ‘Homecoming Queen’ at a school in Clovis.