California Town Requires Citizens to Secure Permits to Run Generators Amid PG&E Power Outages


The town of Lathrop City, CA requires residents to earn city approval to prepare for a power outage, even in the event of natural disasters and planned lengthy power outages, according to code put in place by the city council’s Building Division.

“According to Lathrop City Manager Steve Salvatore, Lathrop encourages permitting for a proper hookup that includes a transfer switch so that excess power created by the generator doesn’t go back onto the power grid – eliminating dangerous back-feeding to protect potentially damaged lines and the workers who may be tending to them under the belief that power has been safely cut off,” according to local California news reports.

Many angry residents view the oppressive regulations as a way to protect PG&E, the embattled power company at the center of controversial power outages for millions of California residents, as well as oppressive Climate Change policies.

“The Democrats own all of these policies that are taking California to a third world living standard, from Climate Change to bossy regulations,” a concerned resident told National File.

According to the lengthy permit, the city authorities are concerned with noise levels.  Based on Lathrop’s municipal code, generators must not exceed 55 decibels during the hours of 10 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The city demands details such as a site plan, line diagram, noise decibel level, screening and or physical protection, exhaust termination location, manufacturers installation instructions, and fuel tank or natural gas line information for a person to start the process of getting permission for a generator.

The permit has details about other regulations residents must meet to have a power generator, even in the event of a crisis and widespread, lengthy power outage.

“Provide 2 copies of Manufacture’s Cut Sheets, the ATS/MTS for any Generator and Fuel Tank Source showing listings from Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. As well as a Natural Gas Permit, Two copies of Gas Riser Diagrams and Gas Piping tests,” the permit says.

California residents are struggling with the burdens and costs of the permitting process for generators at the same having to make drastic changes in their lives, due to power inconsistencies, to get to work, run their business and raise their families.

National File contacted the City of Lathrop to investigate if there were any provisions or expedited process made for emergencies.  The Receptionist did not know of any,  referred us to the Building Division.

Calls and emails to the head of the building department were not returned.