Cambridge PROMOTES Lecturer Who Tweeted ‘White Lives Don’t Matter,’ and ‘Abolish Whiteness’


A Cambridge University lecturer was given her full professorship merely hours after sparking a social media firestorm over controversial anti-white comments, where she received a full internet-wide backlash over her remarks.

Priyamvada Gopal unleashed the fury of social media after doubling down on her anti-white comments–that were defended by Cambridge University as “freedom of expression,” despite sacking a center-right researcher, barely a year ago, for his problematic views.

The main tweet, causing the blowback, which read, “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives,” was reportedly deleted by Twitter.

Gopal went onto succinctly add, “abolish whiteness,” to the adjoining main tweet. She received thousands of engagements, harassing direct messages and emails following her inflammatory posts.

The promoted lecturer took to Twitter to celebrate her new role, writing: “Thanks to everyone who wrote to @Twitter: the ludicrous ban has been lifted. I am therefore delighted to share with you personally, that last night Cambridge promoted me to a full Professorship. The hate mails & threats are coming in non-stop but @CambridgeCops are following up.”

She added: “I’m deeply grateful for the many many messages of support, especially from Cambridge students, past and present, I will try and acknowledge them individually over the next few days. My colleagues @englishunicam have been outstanding, my thanks to them. Now I have go do a lecture!”

“Thank you again–and to all of you, stay strong. We are up against a hugely ugly edifice full of sewage and bile. These people elect the likes of Trump and Johnson. We have no choice but to persevere. A luta continua! (The fight continues!)” she finished, in a third tweet.

The tweets were subject of much contention. Cambridge University quickly issued a statement on social media in support of Gopal, saying “The University defends the right of its academics to express their own lawful opinions which others might find controversial and deplores in the strongest terms abuse and personal attacks. These attacks are totally unacceptable and must cease.”

Anti-white racism has become a prominent feature across various centers of higher learning; rarely does a month go by without an anti-white scandal emerging from a Western college or university.

National File recently reported on a piece published in Harvard Magazine for a book arguing for the abolition of the white race written with an intestinal hatred for the 21st Century’s homo sacer.