Cancel Culture Ends Pink Floyd Singer’s Tour After He Spoke Badly About Ukraine


Last Updated on September 29, 2022

A Pink Floyd rockstar had his planned concert tour canceled after receiving widespread criticism over his views about the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Roger Waters, the frontman and founder of Pink Floyd, had his concerts canceled in Poland after the singer continued to express opposition to U.S. foreign aid and support for Ukraine.

The 79-year-old Waters sparked controversy after he published an open letter to Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska earlier this month.

Waters explained how he opposes Western support, in the form of military weapons, to help Ukraine continue its fight against Russia as long as possible.

Waters’ letter reads in part: quotes you as saying that “If support for Ukraine is strong, the crisis will be shorter.” Hmmm? I guess that might depend on what you mean by “support for Ukraine”? If by “support for Ukraine” you mean the West continuing to supply arms to the Kiev government’s armies, I fear you may be tragically mistaken. Throwing fuel, in the form of armaments, into a fire fight, has never worked to shorten a war in the past, and it won’t work now, particularly because, in this case, most of the fuel is (a) being thrown into the fire from Washington DC, which is at a relatively safe distance from the conflagration, and (b) because the ‘fuel throwers’ have already declared an interest in the war going on for as long as possible.

Following his September 4th letter, Waters announced earlier this week his Poland tour was canceled because a local government official “threatened to hold a meeting asking the council to declare me ‘Persona non grata’ because of my public efforts to encourage all involved in the disastrous war in Ukraine, especially the governments of the USA and Russia, to work towards a negotiated peace, rather than escalate matters towards a bitter end that could be nuclear war and the end of all life on this planet.”

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Waters called the cancel culture he faced a “draconian censoring of my work.”

The renowned musician has also directly targeted President Biden for his overwhelming support of Ukraine.

“Why won’t the United States of America encourage [Volodymyr] Zelensky to negotiate, obviating the need for this horrific, horrendous war?” Waters said on CNN.

“This war is basically about the action and reaction of NATO pushing right up to the Russian border, which they promised they wouldn’t do when [Mikhail] Gorbachev negotiated the withdrawal of the USSR from the whole of Eastern Europe,” Waters added, taking a jab at NATO’s involvement in Ukraine.


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