Cardinals Player Forced to Apologize For ‘Homophobic Tweets’ After Career Night


St. Louis Cardinals rookie Brendan Donovan was forced to apologize over “homophobic tweets” he wrote when he was just 14 years old. Donovan went three-for-five at the plate and drove in four runs in what was a career night for the rookie, but he wasn’t allowed to enjoy it after Twitter users dug up his old tweets. Donovan was eventually forced to delete his Twitter account.

“I take full responsibility,” the Cardinals rookie said in reference to the tweets. “It was something I sent out a long time ago. I’m truly sorry to anyone I may have offended. Anyone that knows me as a person knows I see everyone the same, and I do not condone that type of behavior or anything.”

The tweets in question included an “anti-gay slur” and were sent when Donovan was between the ages of 14 and 16. The 25-year-old was ultimately forced to delete his Twitter account after being mobbed by left-wing activists and sports writers.

The outrage mob completely ruined what was a career night for the rookie, who had two doubles and four RBIs in an emphatic Cardinals win.

“If I’ve offended you, I truly apologize. Hopefully, I can do my part to show you that’s not who I am,” Donovan said in a statement.

The reaction to Brendan Donovan’s tweets was not the first time such an occurrence has happened in Major League Baseball. Dodgers star Trea Turner — who previously played for the Washington Nationals — was the subject of a similar mob campaign in 2018. Turner, like Brendan Donovan, was forced to issue an apology.

Also in 2018, Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb had his “homophobic” and “racist” tweets become the primary talking point after a career night. Newcomb was one out away from throwing a vaunted no-hitter, but he ultimately spent the following days apologizing for tweets he sent as a teenager.

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