CDC Lets Some Americans Stop Wearing Masks Days After Fauci’s Wuhan Bat Coronavirus Experiments Exposed


Today the Centers for Disease Control and Joe Biden announced that Americans who have already received both doses of one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccine may finally stop wearing a mask during some indoor and outdoor activities. The revelation from the CDC, after over a year of demanding near constant mask wearing, comes only days after Sen. Rand Paul confronted Anthony Fauci for funding bat coronavirus research in Wuhan, China, including “gain of function” research that may have created the virus which was then potentially allowed leak from a Chinese laboratory and across the entire world, thus creating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC has updated its “public health recommendations for fully vaccinated people” as of May 13 to declare that vaccinated people no longer should be required to wear a mask in some public indoor and outdoor spaces. Not included are buses, planes, hospitals, prisons, or homeless shelters, and those who have not been vaccinated are expected to continue wearing masks.

The new decision from the CDC – which has demanded near universal mask wearing for over a year – comes only days after Sen. Rand Paul confronted Anthony Fauci about the “gain of function” research he funded through the NIAID at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, only miles away from the wet market originally claimed to be the source of the COVID-19 virus. While Paul began discussing the highly likely possibility that the research funded by Fauci led to the emergence and spread of COVID-19, National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley had the story on April 30, 2020:

“Here’s an excerpt from the April 4, 2018 NIAID website entry entitled “New Coronavirus Emerges From Bats in China, Devastates Young Swine”: “A newly identified coronavirus that killed nearly 25,000 piglets in 2016-17 in China emerged from horseshoe bats near the origin of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), which emerged in 2002 in the same bat species. The new virus is named swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus (SADS-CoV). It does not appear to infect people, unlike SARS-CoV which infected more than 8,000 people and killed 774. No SARS-CoV cases have been identified since 2004. The study investigators identified SADS-CoV on four pig farms in China’s Guangdong Province. The work was a collaboration among scientists from EcoHealth Alliance, Duke-NUS Medical School, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other organizations, and was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health. The research is published in the journal Nature. The researchers say the finding is an important reminder that identifying new viruses in animals and quickly determining their potential to infect people is a key way to reduce global health threats.”

Paul then confronted Fauci over the research when the three decade-long government employee testified before Congress on May 11, only two days before the CDC made its decision to stop demanding masks for some Americans.

Paul refused to back down after being lambasted by Fauci and the mainstream media, and today said that Fauci may be “culpable” for the entire COVID-19 pandemic due to his funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. National File reported, “Ultimately, here’s the rub. I don’t know whether it came from the lab. Nobody knows whether it came from the lab. But who would be culpable? Dr. Fauci could be culpable for the entire pandemic. So could Dr. Daszak, and so could Dr. Shi. I’m not saying that happened, I don’t know. But you wouldn’t put the people who gave the money to the Wuhan lab in charge of the investigation. That looks like a coverup,” said Paul.