CENSORSHIP: YouTube Terminates VDARE YouTube Channel, Citing ‘Hate Speech’


YouTube continued its censorship campaign against independent media Monday, terminating the channel of America First conservative website VDARE for purported “hate speech” violations.

VDARE is the most recent victim of YouTube’s crackdown on non-corporate content, which has resulted in the censorship of Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio, paleoconservative Nick Fuentes,and doctors who questioned the official narrative on COVID-19 in recent months.

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VDARE stated that they would be appealing the suspension, but given Youtube’s track record the chances of ultimately needing to move to an independent platform are high. President Donald Trump signed an executive order

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With the termination of VDARE, the landscape of YouTube content continues to show the Google-owned company’s sharp trend towards prioritizing ad-friendly corporate content.

VDARE will continue to post content on independent hosting platform Bitchute, which has dealt with its own battle against censorship in recent weeks.

While YouTube continues to single out and target smaller, independent conservative content creators, large mainstream conservative channels such as The Daily Wire and PragerU remain unaffected.

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order cracking down the ability of multinational tech monopolies to censor political speech this summer, but the administration has made little effort to actually enforce the measure, choosing instead to prioritize efforts to win minority votes in the 2020 election.

Ever since the banning of radio and television host Alex Jones, Big Tech platforms have been increasingly emboldened in their efforts to limit the reach of independent media, and with little sign of pushback from the White House, it appears such censorship will continue unchecked.

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