Chamber of Commerce Pressures Trump Not To Make Trade Deals


The US Chamber of Commerce is a wealthy and powerful lobbying group in Washington DC, influencing most of our elected representatives with seductive attention-getting techniques such as massive amounts of cash.

“The Chamber of Commerce is the premier voice for corporate power in Washington,” said top Democrat political consultant Dan Dudis.

According to, The US Chamber of Commerce has spent $40,615,000 to influence policymakers in DC. in 2019 alone.

The Chamber usually supports and defends Republicans, however, the powerful lobby group are not aligned with the “America First” policies of the Donald J. Trump administration.

“I am a member of the US Chamber, I will have to look at that, but the Chamber is more for the companies than Americans,” Trump recently said after a shakeup with the Chamber over tariffs.

At dispute between the two camps is who is going to get the best deal on goods and services.  Will it be business, including overseas business, or the American people?

According to CNBC, “Myron Brilliant, head of international affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, also told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that Trump should never have used the threat of tariffs to try to force Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration, especially with ratification of the new USMCA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, pending in Congress.

“The weaponization of tariffs — the increase of threats on our economy, on our farmers, our manufacturers, our consumers — is going to hurt our country. It also creates uncertainty with our trading partners,” said Brilliant, suggesting the Mexico situation might send the wrong message to China that the U.S., even if it makes a trade deal as in the case of the USMCA, may still come back later and hold tariffs over their heads.”

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In fact, the Chamber has been a leading force in the demands on cheap labor and open access to our immigration system, influencing politicians and policy which do not always reflect the American public’s desires.  Such is the case in 2016 and may come into play in 2020.

“Perhaps the Chamber could accept a 40% or a 38% profit over one quarter to get the economy going,” said Charles Payne a Fox News contributor and economist.

At odds with the Trump administration is the Chamber’s support of illegal immigration and partnerships with top Amnesty groups, for the purpose of driving down the cost of business and increasing rapid, massive immigration.

Americans have to wonder if Trump is negotiating trade deals- why do we need the Chamber?

Because our political system seems to be for sale.  According to the Chamber, “The United States Chamber of Commerce is a business-oriented American lobbying group. Politically, the Chamber usually supports Republican political candidates, though it has occasionally supported conservative Democrats,” the Chamber said.

Trump is confident that he has the authority and the skill to negotiate trade deals with other countries.

“Tariffs will provide a level playing field for the American people, ” Trump said.

The Chamber said, “We’re the world’s largest business federation, focused on policies that create jobs & grow the economy,” exposing the conflict between the two powers who both believe they each have the authority to influence the business atmosphere that drives the American family.

Americans chose Trump for his “America First” platform, but they get the US  Chamber of Commerce which is “Business First”.

The Chamber claims: “For 100 years, we have driven the pro-business agenda in Washington.  Consider the flight of companies out America and overseas…” but that hasn’t historically helped Americans get jobs, especially in this decade.

According to their own charts, the Chamber had dumped over  $450,000,000 in lobbying cash between 2009 and 2012 when the unemployment rate in American was strangling the American family and their individual prosperity, and corporations were relocating overseas.  So it begs the question, Jobs for who? Jobs for Americans, or profits for corporations?  It used to be Democrats understood these issues and would be sensitive to the American worker.

And yet- the Chamber is proud of themselves  and can’t stop bragging about their power: