Children Seen Celebrating, Cheering On Drag Performers At Texas Drag Show While Armed Antifa Members Guard Venue


Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Footage from a North Texas restaurant’s kid-friendly drag shows children celebrating with the crossdressers while armed Antifa members surround the event venue.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen first reported on the “Barrel Babes Drag Brunch” drag show event, which was held at Anderson Distillery and Grill, in Roanoake, TX.

While the event’s advertisement graphic claimed it would have “Dancing, Music, And Laughs” and was for “all ages,” the performance was quite controversial.

“Over 20 children were in attendance and multiple teachers,” Hansen said on Twitter, adding footage of the scene inside and outside of the restaurant during the event.

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The video shows children jumping with excitement as the crossdressers parade around in bizarre-looking costumes. Children, who seem to be of elementary school age are approaching the drag artists with dollar bills while smiling, and praising the dancers.

“[WARNING] Vulgarity, Sexualization of Minors, and Partial Nudity,” Hansen warned on Twitter.

Protect Texas Kids, a group that seeks to protect kids from progressive gender ideology at such young ages, led a counter-protest against the restaurant’s show.

“We must continue protesting these events until legislation is passed that bans them. Children should never be subject to these inherently sexual, inappropriate shows,” a Facebook event posted by the group said.

Once a local Antifa club got word of the counter-protest, they organized an armed militia to help protect and support the drag show.

Blaze TV’s Kris Cruz posted content of the heavily armed Antifa members on Twitter. Cruz claimed the radical group members were “armed like snipers” in a parking garage and worked together with the restaurant’s staff to provide “protection.”

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