CHILE: Kids Taught About Masturbation in Kindergarten


The push to teach children about overly and overtly sexualized themes goes intercontinental–this time permeating Chile’s schools.

Chile continues to be rocked by violent protests over wealth inequality and structural corruption, dominating the news cycle in many countries.

Recent pictures have emerged from a controversial book, targeting children as young as three, caused a stir with parents enraged by the fusion of radical politics and the education of young minds.

Via New Media Central:

In Chile–yes, Chile(!)–children, as young as three, have been taught from a book showing caricatures masturbating, having intercourse, and exploring sexuality and gender. A kindergarten received some backlash for reading passages from a book titled “Knowing My Body and My Emotions” which was apparently included into the program by the administrative bodies. The parents of the children were asked to buy a copy of the book. Earlier this week, in an unrelated story, a mainstream Chilean news channel ran an exclusive on a trans-only school for students of elementary and high school ages.

It is undeniable that in recent years, there has been a downpour in sexualized propaganda launched at prepubescent children. One can only venture to wonder as to what the ends intended by this particular propagandizing might be. The mainstream media has written numerous articles in recent years cozying up to the idea of pedophilia, imploring us to be more lenient and understanding to pedophiles.

Latin America, on the whole, is beginning to lose its Catholic faith in urban areas. A shift in consciousness takes time to permeate society, but an inexorable change is seemingly underway. Traditions and customs have been uprooted and supplanted by modern hedonism and hook-up culture, as Latin Americans have begun to adopt a more Westernized yet materialistic lifestyle.

As Chile’s faith falls, viral images of churches being sacked across the country have shocked social media users.

South America has seemingly adopted many tenets packaged as progressive, following the West’s example in many areas–New Media Central continues:

A few years ago, a famous viral image of naked feminists yelling on the street was memed all over the internet. That was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Argentina, radical feminists have been known to be filmed defecating and urinating in front of churches–as well as other, ahem, bodily discharges–as a bitter abortion debate divides the country. When I was in Brazil a few years ago, on daytime TV a scantily-clad prepubescent girl was frolicking and singing on stage surrounded by similarly dressed back-up dancers of around the same age. Latin American culture has been sexualized from an early age to the extent where it has become quasi-endemic. Viral videos of elementary school children bumpin’ n’ grindin’ to reggaeton have made the rounds on social media. Reggaeton–if you can even dare to call it music–is a profanity-laced version of latin pop music which is keenly enjoyed by all age groups.

In spite of parent-led backlashes against material of this nature, schools across the Western world and beyond continually push these themes.