China Joins UN Human Rights Council Despite Ongoing Abuses


China has joined a panel on the UN Human Rights Council despite an appalling record of human rights abuses which have reportedly continued unabated, disregarding mounting international pressure.

According to Fox News:

China has been appointed to a panel on the controversial U.N. Human Rights Council, where it will help vet candidates for important posts — despite its decades-long record of systematic human rights abuse that the U.S. has said fueled the coronavirus pandemic.

Jiang Duan, minister at the Chinese Mission in Geneva, was appointed to the U.N. Human Rights Council’s Consultative Group — where he will serve as the representative of the Asia-Pacific states. He will serve as one of five representatives for blocs of countries and is joined by delegates from Spain, Slovenia and Chad.

In recent years, China’s mistreatment of their minority Uighur population made international headlines.

Disappearances and reports of organ ‘harvesting’ of political and religious dissidents prompted China to set up voluntary organ donor lists.

Despite these superficial efforts, rumors of China harvesting organs of political prisoners reemerged following a successful double-lung transplant of a coronavirus sufferer on February 28, this year.

China’s record on freedom of speech, expression, and the press ranks lowly on most global metrics.

Their social credit system has drawn broad criticism from a range of international bodies.

Most recently, China’s handling of the Covid-19 outbreak has been subject of much contention as China reportedly lied in the vital stages of the outbreak before blaming America for the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Fox News reported:

China has been criticized over the way it handled the coronavirus outbreak, with the U.S. and others accusing the communist country of a secretive approach that punished doctors, threw out reporters, suppressed information and ultimately downplayed the seriousness of the virus — leaving the world blindsided and unable to adequately respond to what later became a global pandemic.