CHINA: Live Koalas, Wolf Pups, Peacocks, and Porcupines Sold at Market at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak


A market at the center of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak has said that they sell an array of bespoke meats to customers, after concerns the virus similar to SARS may have originated from unorthodox food sources.

The Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan, China, is currently under investigation, according to the NZ Herald, as officials expressed concerns that the virus may have been carried by one of the various animals held on offer at the market.

The market’s advertising board displayed live foxes, wolf puppies, crocodiles, peacocks, porcupines, salamanders, snakes, rats, and even koalas.

The list offers 112 different types of live animals for sale–for human consumption.

Latest reports indicate that 26 people have been killed by the disease, with hundreds infected, and over 20 million people locked down in 5 quarantined cities.

China has imposed travel restrictions which have affected 35 million people.

The disease has also spread overseas, with several countries reporting confirmed cases of the virus.

Yesterday, a viral video showed a highly frustrated doctor yelling down the phone to state authorities due to being under equipped to tackle the rapid spread of the disease.

Photos of a doctor who collapsed from exhaustion circulated social media.

Images of people purported laying dead on the floor have also made an appearance in Western media circles.

Coronavirus represents a wide variety of viruses present in animals.

Some viruses present in animals can also infect humans.

Locals were shocked by the sale of live animals many wouldn’t dream of ever consuming.

Many locals expressed disgust on their social media site, Weibo.

“Just took a closer look at the viral wild animal menu – they even eat koalas,” one remarked.

“There’s nothing Chinese people won’t eat.”