China Posts Video of ‘Hospital’ Trailers With Steel Bars on Windows, Locks on Outside


A video posted to Twitter by a Chinese government official shows the construction of metal trailers with bars on the windows and locks on the outside of the doors.

The video was posted by Lijian Zhao, Deputy Director General of the Information Department, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We are racing against time,” Zhao said. “The 1st building of #Wuhan‘s #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan hospital, was completed in 16 hours.”

Zhao continued, “China Construction which built the hospital is the same company which built the Multan-Sukkor Motorway and the Centaurus. Let’s pray for Wuhan & China!”

The “hospital” shown in the video appears to be a type of corrugated metal units with metal bars on the windows.

The locks on the doors of each unit appear to be only operable from the outside.

An inspirational orchestral soundtrack plays in the back over footage of the storage units.

The tweet has been mocked by other Twitter users.

Zhao has previously achieved notoriety on Twitter for criticizing the United States government.

He has been called racist by Obama administration officials, while later drawing praise for his criticism of of President Donald Trump.

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