‘China’s Harriet Tubman’ Creates Underground Railroad for Those Facing Genocide, Abortion, Sex Slavery


“China’s Harriet Tubman” has developed an underground railroad for rescuing Chinese citizens from genocide, abortion, and sex slavery

Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has been rescuing mothers who would have been forced to have abortions or sold into sex slavery if their child was female. The Communist Nation of China already frowned on pro-life movements, but the pandemic has made it even harder for any pro-life voice in China.

“We’re in a state of constant struggle with them because what we’re doing,” according to Littlejohn.

In the Communist nation of China, any opposition to government rule is often met with jailing or much worse. Those who do speak up, such as Chinese COVID whistle blowers are believed to be silenced in other ways, such as possibly torture or death.

“We save baby girls from sex-selective abortion, and we are constantly trying to fly under the rad creen because if we were caught [our field workers were incredibly brave] would be detained or worse.”

Littlejohn formally addressed the United Nations last year with hopes of exposing the issues of forced abortions, sex slavery, genocide, and  to the international community, and she walked away irritated and disturbed.

“This is a constant struggle between me and the United Nations, and anyone who cares about China in the United Nations,” says Littlejohn in front of the UN.

“China has so much power in the United Nations, not the least reason of which is that they are funding so many projects in so many countries and nobody is willing to stand up to them on the issue of human rights.”

Further, Littlejohn says, “no one supports forced abortion because it’s not a choice.”

Since 1971 in China it is estimated that as a result of the practices of forced abortions, sex slavery, and genocide has claimed the lives of at least 300 million people.