Church of Sweden Reveals Gay Garden of Eden Mural


A church in Sweden has unveiled a mural that features Adam and Eve, each with gay lovers, being tempted by a transgender woman instead of the serpent.

“Paradise”, by the lesbian artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, was revealed on Sunday at St Paul’s Church in Malmö, Sweden, and features Adam and Eve, with gay lover, and a transgender woman instead of the tempting snake from the Bible.

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Wallin painted the mural in 2012, and tried to give it to the Skara Cathedral, who declined. Wallin also created “Ecce Homo” that year, a series of portrait images, with one depicting Christ’s baptism with the model totally nude, and a recreation of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” with a transgender Jesus.

Helena Myrstener, a pastor at the church, welcomed the painting on Twitter. “On Sunday, history is written,” she said.  “Sweden’s only LGBT altarpiece is received by St Paul’s church in Malmö… We are so happy and proud!”

This sentiment was echoed by the church in a statement, saying that they received the painting “with pride and joy”:

We need images that open up for greater inclusion and identification in the church. We are grateful to Elisabeth’s artistry, which enables us to build a credible church that shows that we all, regardless of who we love and identify as, are accommodated in Paradise.

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Many from Sweden and beyond ridiculed the painting and the church for displaying it. One user said the painting was “not about Christian values, but only political activism,” describing it as “shameful,” while another questioned whether the church bothered to think about “those in [their] congregation who consider homosexuality a sin.” Another decried it as “an anti-Christian heresy that abhors the altar and the Eucharist. Those responsible should be excommunicated.”

The Church of Sweden has a track record of insane leftist policies. In 2017, they told clergy that they should stop referring to God and Christ with male pronouns, and instead use the gender-neutral term “hen,” instead. They argued that even though Jesus was a man, “his gender was not a defining aspect of his identity” from a theological viewpoint.

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“The word ‘hen’ is a way to give a new perspective,” said Susann Senter, the dean of the church at Västerås:

The religious Christ is greater [than the historical person] and needs to be described and talked about in each era, with new words and new songs… The desire behind the use of new words is to find a language of our time which opens up to the holy.