Cofvefe Coffee Releases New ‘America First’ Ad After Being Canceled By Chase Bank For Being Pro-Trump


Covfefe Coffee, the pro-Trump coffee brand canceled by Chase Bank, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their America First values, has released a new commercial highlighting their values after they were canceled by Chase Bank’s WePay payment processor, ostensibly for being pro-Trump, and after competing Black Rifle Coffee Company called many of its consumers racist in an interview with the New York Times.

The ad explains that Covfefe Coffee is “unapologetically America First, we believe that the people make the nation, we’re a nation of explorers, innovators, and rebels. We believe in the American Spirit that never quits, while helping others, and giving thanks to God” and encourages viewers to “Enjoy the highest grade coffee available without rewarding big corporations.”

Speaking to National File, Covfefe Coffee’s CEO explained that the coffee company doesn’t “have to do anything overly sensational, all we have to do is reflect on our values. Our values and our heritage? Nothing can trump that.” Referring to their competitors’ advertising, he added, “No number of tanks, explosions, or men dressing up as women will compare to America First values. We’re what normal people relate to and care about.”

Covfefe Coffee

“We don’t give people who want to eradicate our way of life money. We’ve been banned from Amazon, we refused to work with Walmart, we’re not allowed to work with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,” said the Covfefe Coffee CEO. “We reflect American values and we’re taking steps to get away from the globalist machine. We want to leave PayPal. We practice what we preach.”

Covfefe Coffee also noted that they were recently canceled from Chase Bank’s WePay payment processor with no explanation, and their CEO believes the ban was motivated by the brand’s America First and pro-Trump stance. He said this motivated his push to get away from anti-Trump corporations. “It’s time to take money away from the people who hate us.” After Covfefe Coffee was canceled by Chase, their sales shot up by 8,000% as Americans sought to to support the pro-Trump brand.

Covfefe Coffee’s CEO recently appeared on National File TV to discuss his competition, Black Rifle Coffee Company, calling large numbers of of their consumers racist. In the interview, it was revealed that Black Rifle Coffee Company received an unknown influx of money from a Democrat-allied venture capitalist firm prior to their rise to the top of the marketplace.