Colleges Replace Genderless ‘Alumni’ With Also Genderless ‘Alumnx’ in Pointless Move


Universities across America have replaced the already genderless term “alumni” with “alumnx,” in what is therefore a totally pointless move.

For some odd reason, many colleges have included the term “alumnx” on their websites, in some odd attempt to be more inclusive. It comes after words like “Latinx,” a non-gendered version of “Latino” and “Latina” was popularised by those on the left in order to placate non-binary and transgendered Latinos.

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Twitter user Wesley Yang first pointed out that that Rutgers had changed to “alumnx” on their website, and Jordan Lancaster, a freelance journalist, then spotted that many other universities had followed suit. People online were quick to ridicule the pointless decision:

Unlike “Latino,” the term “alumni” is already completely non-gendered. It is the gender-neutral plural form of the Latin “alumnus,” meaning “student.” Changing it to “alumnx” therefore is completely pointless, but that hasn’t stopped colleges from implementing the change.

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Some of the universities that use the term include the University of California-San Diego, Syracuse University, the University of Michigan and Loyola University of Maryland, although many of these seem to use both “alumni” and “alumnx” interchangeably. For example, the text of Loyola’s “LGBTQ services website” reads:

Welcome to Loyola’s LGBTQ+ Alumnx page! As Loyola starts to expand LGBTQ+ visibility, we are looking to maintain an active database of a/sexuality and a/gender diverse alumni to support, encourage, and connect current students with alumni of Loyola University Maryland.

The University of Michigan for some reason includes the feminine “alumna” as well on the “alumnx” website for their program on “Intergroup Relations.” It should come as no surprise that the left do not know how to implement their own language rules, despite them wishing to force them upon the rest of us.