‘Come Back When You’ve Served And Been Pregnant’: Military Officials Bash Tucker Carlson For Criticizing ‘Maternity Flight Suits’


Straining credulity, many top members of the United States Military, from various branches, are bashing Tucker Carlson after the cable news host aired a segment that criticized the Biden regime’s focus on developing something called “maternity flight suits” that would apparently allow female pilots to continue serving while carrying an unborn child.

Last week, National File covered a bizarre statement delivered by Joe Biden, wherein the president forgot the name of the Pentagon, forgot the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and declared that the military is developing something called “maternity flight suits” that would apparently allow female pilots to continue operating fighter jets and other aircraft while pregnant.

The seemingly nonsensical development from the Biden regime earned coverage on Tucker Carlson Tonight, with Carlson suggesting that Biden is making the United States military into the subject of international ridicule.

In response, Twitter became filled with members of the military, posting from both their official and private accounts, attempting to bash the cable news host for asserting that pregnant women should not be on the front lines of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The U.S. Space Command’s Senior Enlisted Leader decried Carlson’s program as “drama TV” and insisted that pregnant women in the military are allowed to have “more time with their family” which “actually makes us a more lethal and fit force.” He also asserted that “we value women in our Armed Forces,” despite Carlson saying nothing about women serving, but specifically discussing Biden’s apparent plan for pregnant women to serve in active roles in the Air Force.

Patrick Donahue, a Major General in the Army, is perhaps one of the highest ranked officials to take the time to respond to a civilian cable news host.

“This is me, yesterday, conducting a re-enlistment for one of the tens of thousands of women who serve in our Army,” wrote the Army general. “Just a reminder that Tucker Carlson couldnt [sic] be more wrong.”

This led to four star general Paul Funk to agree, writing that women in the military, who likely are not pregnant while actively serving, “are beacons of freedom and they prove Carlson wrong through determination and dedication.”

Col. Rob Maness, a 32-year veteran of the Air Force, and a survivor of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, disagreed with Funk’s use of social media to bash a cable news host, calling it “very dangerous.”

“This is a 4-star Army General’s official account attacking a civilian citizen and member of the media over a policy disagreement he critiqued the POTUS for. Stunning failure of leadership,” wrote Maness.

Brian Russell, the Commanding Officer of II MEF Information Group, shared a tweet bashing Carlson and wrote, “Twitter is just full of these great responses today.”

The official II MEF Information Group posted a series of tweets that were roundly criticized. One included a response to someone who begged the group to “please focus on China and not Tucker Carlson.”

In response, the unit wrote, “Come back when you’ve served and been pregnant”.

They later admitted this was not the military’s “brand” and said they would “take a knee” and “move forward from this mistake.”

The “mistake” and violation of the military’s “brand” apparently began when the outfit called Carlson, who at 51-years-old is a member of Generation X, a “boomer.”

Perhaps the most fascinating part of these often jaw-dropping criticisms of Carlson is that none of them addressed the absurdity of Biden’s pronouncement that pregnant women would soon be able to fly expensive aircraft thanks to “maternity flight suits.”

In fact, many of the members of the military criticizing Carlson explicitly noted that, should a female member of the Armed Forces become pregnant, she is not sent into battle, and is instead given time off to spend with her family as she gives birth.