Comedian Pete Davidson Ends College Shows Because ‘You Can’t Say Anything’


According to an interview with Paper Mag, Pete Davidson is done with the “woke” outrage mob present in the college environment, and will no long be doing shows for colleges.

Davidson reported that the risk of losing your career isn’t worth the risk, and that is what you stand to lose if you tell the wrong joke at a college. Davidson admits that the backlash alone is not worth the effort.

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Tommy Dorfman, writer with Paper Mag, asked Davidson to go into more detail regarding what it is like trying to stay in the comedy scene during this time in such a “hyper sensitive” world.

“It makes doing college [shows] really hard,” Davidson said. “I refuse to do a college after this year ’cause it’s like, you’re just setting yourself up for trouble… Comedy is just, like, getting destroyed. Standup’s about to be about, like, sneakers. Like, ‘Hey, everyone like sneakers?’ You can’t talk about anything. You can’t. The second you open your mouth and have an opinion, you lose money today. And I don’t think that’s a safe place to live in.”

While comedians are frequently derided for off color, politically incorrect humor, Davidson maintains that his comedy has never come from a place of malice or bigotry.

“Yeah, look, when I’m doing standup and stuff, nothing I ever say is coming from a hateful place,” Davidson said. “And you can’t know what’s funny until you try it, you know? But anything I’ve ever said on stage or made a joke about, I don’t regret it. I mean, some jokes I’m like, ‘Welp, that joke sucked.” You know? But I’m never like, ‘Aw f***!’ ‘Cause there are times I try things that I think are ridiculous and they work. And that’s what sucks about political correctness in comedy, I think that you need freedom.”

During the Roast of Rob Lowe, Davidson took some hateful cracks at Ann Coulter, aunt of this author.

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“Ann Coulter, if you’re here who’s scaring the crows from the crops. Last year we had Martha Stuart who sells sheets, and now we have Ann Coulter who cuts eye holes in them.”

Davidson became more publicly known in political circles when he made another tasteless joke about Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s (R-TX) eye patch.

“This guy is kinda cool, Dan Crenshaw,” Davidson said on this weekend’s show, next to a photo of Crenshaw. “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate from Texas, and not a hit man in a porno movie.

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“I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever,” he added. “Whatever.”

Davidson later apologized for his comments.