Condom-Eating Drag Queen Blocked From Visiting School


A drag queen, one of whose performances included eating condoms, was blocked from attending a Scottish school after a pro-family political party intervening, forwarding a video of the performance to the school’s headteacher.

The performer, who goes by the stage name “Ivy Adamas,” was invited to talk at an event call “Happy Fest” at Dunbar Grammar School until the new Scottish Family Party stepped in.

Richard Lucas, the leader of the new Scottish Family Party, wrote to Dunbar Grammar’s headteacher, Claire Slowther, informing her of the performer’s antics.

According to Pulpit and Pen, Lucas, in the message including the below video clip, said:

“Of concern are the blood-stained dress, foul language, graphic sexual vulgarity (“I want to eat your d&*%” etc.), overtly sexual movements (such as masturbatory motions), crude fake female genitals, and the extraction of a condom from his mouth.”

Life Site News reported that Lucas also said:

“We assume that this invitation was extended to Ivy Adamas without the knowledge that he is entirely unsuitable as a role model for school children?”

“Similarly, we hope that you now regard your endorsement (expressed through your liking of the announcement tweet) as regrettable, now that you have more information.”

Lucas went onto add:

“So, we invite you to retract your endorsement of this act in your school, and to cancel this performer. If you reply by Wednesday 5 February, we will be able to report your changed stance when we comment publicly and contact media organisations with the story.

“In the event that we don’t hear from you by then, we will assume that your position is unchanged and will commentate accordingly. We hope that you appreciate the opportunity to reconsider what we are providing.”

Headteacher Slowther responded, committing to ensure that “children and young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) experience an inclusive education and learn about LGBT issues at school.”

Lucas, describing the new political party, said:

“At the Scottish Family Party, we are of the view that such acts promote a philosophy of gender fluidity that is confusing and dangerous to young people. We are also very aware that the drag scene is often associated with less than positive values.

“In particular, we note the inclusion of a drag ‘artist’ by the (stage) name of Ivy Adamas. Furthermore, we notice that on Twitter, using your own twitter account, you ‘liked’ the tweet from your school’s LGBT Allies account announcing his inclusion.”

National File has recently reported on several Drag-related events popping up at public venues across the UK this month.

The trend, which has taken America by storm, has hit British shores with equal fervor.