COPE AND SEETHE: Leftist Politicians, Pundits, Activist Orgs Cry on Twitter Over Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal


Democrats, the media, left-wing NGOs, and Twitter blue checks, are coping and seething on social media about Kyle Rittenhouse’s recent acquittal.

After a trial that took almost two weeks, with national attention focused on the courthouse, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts, including homicide charges. He had previously been charged with firearms charges, but these were struck by Judge Schroeder. The teen physically collapsed in tears as the not guilty verdicts were read, regaining his composure as he hugged his defense attorney.

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Prior to the jury’s deliberations, Judge Bruce Schroeder removed two counts from the jury’s consideration, including allegations that Kyle Rittenhouse violated a local curfew and that Kyle Rittenhouse illegally transported a weapon across state lines. Judge Schroeder determined either that Rittenhouse did not violate the law in these instances, or that the prosecution did not do enough to provide evidence of wrongdoing.

However, despite Rittenhouse now officially being not guilty, a lot of people on Twitter were fuming at the result. These included Democrat elected officials, such as Cori Bush, who claimed the verdict was evidence of “white supremacy in action,” and New York mayor Bill de Blasio, who argued the convicted paedophile that was shot was a “victim.”

Leftist, race hustler activists were just as upset about the Rittenhouse verdict on Twitter. Nikole Hannah Jones continued to shill her anti-white 1619 Project tweeting about the verdict, while Twitch streamer Hasan Abi balked at the prospect of the “Rittenhouse precedent.”

Leftist NGOs were just as upset. The NAACP described the case as a “travesty,” and the ACLU continued to promote the debunked narrative that Rittenhouse “travelled across state lines.”

Media figures and journalists, who liberals often claim are the bastions of truth and impartiality, such as Joy Reid, Keith Olbermann, and Ben Rhodes, screamed that Kyle was a “murderer” and a “vigilante.”

Even non-political Twitter blue checks joined in on attacking Rittenhouse, including Billie Eilish’s brother, who said that the verdict “has shown that it remains legal to murder while white.”