Coronavirus Shoplifter ‘Projectile Pooped’ During Shoplifting Arrest at Walmart


A woman who was caught shoplifting twice in as many days while breaking the local stay-at-home directive reportedly “projectile” pooped as she was being arrested in Waynesville, North Carolina, a small town near Asheville.

Dominca Dearing, 41, from Beachwood Ohio, had originally identified herself to the arresting officer as Tamicka Brown of Pennsylvania, stating that she was the wife of a trucker.

She had flouted the stay-at-home directive for out-of-towners who must self-quarantine for two weeks after arrival.

Dearing was arrested for shoplifting. She had shoplifted at the Ohio Walmart the day before and officers had been given her photograph, and made the arrest after she attempted to shoplift for a second time.

Loss prevention employees at Walmart detained Dearing on April 4, where one worker reported “once in the loss prevention office, the female proceeded to defecate on the floor ‘because she could not hold it.’”

According to The Mountaineer, the Waynesville Police Department incident reports that Dearing took several items totaling $238.79.

The report also mentioned that once Dearing became aware of her arrest, she got up and started screaming unintelligibly in an unidentified language.

The report read: “She then proceeded to pull the dress she was wearing up, exposing her body underneath and again started projectile defecating all over the office.

“[The officer] backed up into the corner in the office to avoid the flying feces and called for backup. The female continued to hold her dress up and kept yelling and screaming at everyone around. After she put her dress down, she kept saying that she had the Coronavirus and wanted treatment.”

Dearing, once taken outside, defecated once more at the entrance of the Walmart while becoming “combative.”

The local district attorney Ashley Welch determined that, given Dearing’s relatively clean record, her crimes were not worthy of a prison sentence, although she had spent 4 days behind bars until her guilty plea.

Dearing pleaded guilty to two counts of violating the stay-at-home directive. She also pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny.

As all charges were misdeamenors, Dearing was handed a suspended 45-day sentence, as well as 12 months unsupervised probation.