COULTER: Republicans Are Doing Nothing to Distinguish Themselves From Democrats


During an appearance on a New York radio show, New York Times best selling author and columnist Ann Coulter expressed concern that Republicans are not doing enough to distinguish themselves from the Democrat-led agenda of defunding police, destroying historical monuments, and engaging in cancel culture to destroy those who disagree with Black Lives Matter.

Speaking with New York radio host Mark Simone on WOR, Coulter discussed her refusal to comply with the total shutdown of the country for COVID-19 before delving into her analysis of the 2020 presidential campaign, saying that Republicans are doing little to nothing to distinguish themselves from Democrats who have embraced the Black Lives Matter agenda.

“Democrats, it’s a tough election,” said Simone. “Defund the police, does that sound like a winning strategy? They’ll wonder again, ‘How come we lost the electoral vote again?’”

Coulter countered, “Well, I don’t know. The Republicans aren’t doing much to distinguish themselves.”

“I totally agree with you, the Democrats are giving the greatest gift they could possibly give to the Republican Party by being driven by their completely insane base: defund the police, dishonor the flag, throw Columbus in the lake,” said Coulter, before countering, “Republicans are responding, instead of saying ‘We’re not those guys, you may not like us, but we’re not them, we’re against them.’ No they’re saying, ‘Okay we’ll do all the same stuff but it won’t be quite as crazy.’”

Coulter then questioned the wisdom in the Trump administration pursuing police reform using an executive order that has been panned by both those on the left as ineffective and those on the right as unnecessary.

“Why is the big presidential initiative on, ‘We’re going to look into policing practices,’” asked Coulter. “No, I think most people would like a lot more police right now.”

She then noted that there has been no trial in the case of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, and suggested that there is potential for the officer to be found to have acted with the correct use of force.

“I think it’s possible that the officer, hold on to your hat, will turn out to be justified,” said Coulter. “There hasn’t been a trial, and unlike other people, I will not jump to conclusions without seeing any of the evidence.”

“But it’s striking, all the evidence that’s missing, i.e. the body camera footage, wow they sure don’t show us that, they were so insistent we get body camera footage, where is that?”

Coulter then compared the death of George Floyd to the cases of other African Americans in recent years, when police were found to have committed no wrongdoing despite Black Lives Matter protests.

“I remember what happened yesterday, and thus far nearly every one of these police brutality cases has turned out to be a hoax, such as with Ferguson for example,” said Coulter.